Call for Presenter Proposals

Presentation Themes: 1) Personal/Professional Growth 2) Innovation in Arts, Culture, Politics and Social Media 3) Social Change 4) Personal Identities and Allies 5) Healing and Wellness

Proposal Deadline: November 30, 2018

Notification of acceptance: January 18, 2019

All presenters are responsible for all expenses of attending and presenting at DWU conference, however a lower registration fee of $300.00 is available.

Screen and LCD projector only are provided.

All conference presentations will be in American Sign Language with the use of visual text (ASL videos and/or PowerPoint). If you need specific accommodations, please send requests to Dyan Sue Kovacs at email along with the proposal papers

Workshop slots are 60 minutes with 45 minutes for presentation and fifteen minutes for questions and answers (Q & A). Double slots of 120 minutes (parts 1 & 2) may be allowed only for extremely relevant topics that are very participant activity oriented.

Please provide the following information in .doc or .docx format;

1) Full presentation title

2) Full name(s) and email address (es) of each presenter

3) Abstract/program description (75 words or less)

4) Presentation style: participant activity, demonstration, panel, or lecture

5) Short biography and JPG or GIF picture (50 words or less) for each presenter

6) ASL video posted as an e-mail attachment or on YouTube with private link that is 1.5 to 2 minutes with captions or transcript to promote your workshop topic with three main concepts included.