Vlog about DWU Scholarship
April 6, 2019
An Apology to the BIPOC Communities
July 1, 2019
Transcript: Today is Tax Day! Did you get your refund? Right? Right now DWU conference have an promotion cost $199. You use some of your refund and treat yourself to go to DWU Conference! See you there!

ID: White woman with black hair with glasses wearing a v-neck black shirt with letters, #dwulove signing to the camera.

Tax Day deal for $199!

We are giving out a special deal for Tax day! It is $199 to those who haven’t register for DWU 2019 National Conference in Phoenix, Arizona July 17-21! Please go register for $199. It is only for 24 hours. Grab this special deal only for today April 15, 2019 at 11:59 PM will be closed and will go back to regular price $400. Contact Kim Minard for any questions- conference.chair@dwu.org

You can check our website www.dwu.org/conference

or go to eventbrite link http://dwuphx2019.eventbrite.com