OUR MISSION: Embracing Deaf Womanhood through ongoing connections, advocacy and awareness.

Deaf Women United is committed to continuing a community of support of Deaf women from all walks of life. You can play a significant role in assuring the success of our mission to promote the lives of Deaf women through empowerment, enrichment, and networking.


Founded in 1985, DWU has provided in the last few decades one of the most significant changes in our country’s perception of Deaf women. Women in the general society as well as in Deaf communities have assumed important responsibilities and are key people in making things better. Even so, historically, successful Deaf women did not make front-page headlines, nor were they been recognized in their lines of work.


That is where DWU has made a difference. The impact of the formed DWU was immediate, and its efforts long overdue. Today, DWU’s numbers are more than half a thousand strong and it is the leader in the grassroots Deaf women’s movement. DWU members are your neighbors and friends. They’re Deaf women active in your local communities. There are 17 chapters throughout the United States.


In the past decade, the goals of the DWU have expanded to include not only acknowledgment and acceptance for the diversity of individual Deaf women, but now include exploring how the experience of being Deaf and being a woman affects our lives. DWU does this by providing recognition to Deaf women who have not made the headlines. In the area of gender and access issues, all Deaf women can experience a double whammy of oppression.

One of the most significant changes in American society spanning the last few decades are perceptions of women. Women have assumed important responsibilities and are significant players in the making of a better society. Deaf women are key members in this era of social change by being involved in the shaping of this world and our respective communities. Herstorically, successful Deaf women have not made front page headlines or been recognized for their contributions. We currently have a small number of Deaf women leaders at the helm of some very important organizations and institutions; yet we do not have complete access to services and opportunities that are available to hearing women. It is this equal access that ensures an individual the right and ability to lead full and productive lives.


DWU, and organization that is of, for and by Deaf women is at the forefront of these changing times. It is an organization that focuses on advocacy, education and outreach. Deaf communities are scattered throughout the country, which makes networking critically important for exchanging of information, empowerment and enhancement in the quality of lives for all Deaf people. Today, there is not enough equal access. With improved telecommunications, computer technology advancement and electronic mail, DWU will further its goals and offer its members access in our desire to fulfill our needs.


DWU was not established to provide direct services, but to initiate and create a network of individuals and organizations that represent and serve Deaf women.


DWU provides leadership to and empowers Deaf women all over the country by the creation of a support system that will enhance their lives.


  • Provide tools, information and training in areas of organizational management, personal growth and empowerment


  • Provide resources for our Deaf women community


  • Grow our programs including leadership training, youth interchange program, mentoring program and put in place a mentoring system


  • Expand our social media platforms including our blog, DWU’s bi-monthly newsletter, and some new exciting features to provide more access for all.


  • Continune to increase the number of affiliates and members


  • Provide more scholarship opportunities to Deaf women to attend our conferences and programs.


  • Develop more partnerships with other Deaf organizations to bring our members all they need.