Deaf Women United attendees who need RID CEUs at the DWU Conference from July 17-21, 2019, please fill out the PINRA form (see below: PINRA instructions, fill able PINRA form and Justification forms).

Please contact Emmett Hassen, ACDHH Licensing & Certification Coordinator which workshops you plan to attend  to count CEUs to award you beforehand and submit forms no later than JULY 8, 2019 (deadline to submit). No forms will be accepted after July 8, 2019 – no exceptions. Once approved, you will get further instructions from Emmett.

Questions or concerns, please contact Emmett Hassen at:  e.hassen@acdhh.az.gov


K-12 Teacher Educational Credit – AZ Department of Education
Any workshop session you attend at the DWU conference can be considered for teacher educational credit/professional development towards maintaining your AZ teacher’s certification/license maintenance. This will not be recognized for pay advancement as coursework from a college or university will be recognized ONLY.  Upon completion of DWU conference, you will be asked to complete a session evaluation and provide your email address to send your certification of attendance. 
Any questions, email b.bailey@acdhh.az.gov