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Storm Smith

Art Director, BBDO Worldwide


Storm is an Art Director at BBDO Worldwide, one of the top advertising agency in New York City.
Over the years, she has robust career experiences in higher educational institution and
advertising. Storm’s significant work over the years has been brought to the attention of BBDO
and recruited Storm as an Art Director. This makes Storm the first (historically) Deaf woman to
be part of the Creative Residency and ever to work for BBDO Worldwide.
BBDO Worldwide is a well-known company with an impeccable reputation for their awardwinning
work with over 50 companies or clients, including Pepsi, Foot Locker, AT&T, Mountain
Dew, Pedigree, Campbell’s, and many more. BBDO Worldwide is one of the top advertising
agencies that has received countless honors, recognition, and awards including Network of the
Year from Cannes Festival and Webby.

Her recent BBDO’s influential campaign ad for International Women’s Day “It’s Time to
Redefine” was also featured in AdAge, AdWeek, Creativity, PR News Wire, The Drum and more.
It’s Time to Redefine was brought to life through a three-pronged approach, including a Public
Service Announcement video featuring Akilah Hughes (comedienne), an online petition, and a
social media campaign featuring women at BBDO who shared what the definition of “woman”
means to them. The campaign has reached Google’s attention, whereas, on the following day
post-launch, Google’s definition of “woman” changed and no longer carries the definition “a
female paid to clean someone’s house and carry out general domestic duties.” This powerful
impact has moved the needle and generated approximately 12 million impressions worldwide.
Prior to her work at BBDO, her experiences at Gallaudet University, under University
Communications as a video producer/director and digital media specialist, has built up a strong
solid visual storyteller for the university’s brand for 6 years. During her last year at Gallaudet,
Roberta J. Cordano, President of Gallaudet University, appointed her to serve on her team as a
Creative Video Producer.

Storm have always been an ambassador and creative influencer seeking out and strengthening
relationships with people in the industry across the nation for collaborations, partnerships,
resources, and network purposes consistent with the theme of pushing for change on a different
level. Her work has often helped to shine a positive light on critical societal issues, i.e., mental
health, people with disabilities, gender equality, people of color, LGBT. She have successfully
and executed her collaboration projects including Route 66 Promotions and Academy Award
winner Marlee Matlin on her new apparel clothing line, Communications Service for the Deaf
with Tony nominee Lauren Ridloff, and historically 13th woman on Harlem Globetrotter
basketball team and an incredible influencer Crissa Ace Jackson and incredible young
raising star, Samaya Clark-Gabriel for their branding advocacy video. Undoubtedly, it is clear
that she delivers her passions of balancing the business work and ambassador work that will
not only lead the company to excel but will lead to a competitive edge.

Storm’s endless contributions and appearances has earned her numerous awards, including a
prestigious award from the City of Los Angeles in 2014, presented by the mayor and city council
member, for her dedication and contribution to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.
Recently, Storm have taken her contributions across the sea in Tokyo where she have taught
Deaf Tokyo community a workshop on how to produce an effective storytelling in production for
their newest upcoming Deaf Film program for the youth community afflicted with 2019 Tokyo
Deaf Film Festival.

Storm has delivered keynotes, presentations, and other inspirational speeches at schools and
numerous universities including: Harvard University, Boston University, University of
California, Los Angeles (UCLA), California State University, Northridge (CSUN), Gallaudet
University, and Rochester Institution of Technology (RIT). Her well-respected work
continues to build and integrate topics of diversity, disabilities, inclusion, visual media,
intersectionalities, and psychology that often provide motivation tools and inspires people to
reframe, reclaim and transform their personal and professional lives. Storm’s main goal is to
facilitate people to move beyond society’s expectations and to reach within their highest level of
self-knowledge with their identities, while living an authentic, creative life.
Storm graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Gallaudet University and a
Master of Arts degree in Media Entrepreneurship from American University. Both schools are
based in Washington D.C.

The world is a big place. While Storm enjoys directing, producing, filmmaking, and giving
motivational speeches on a dynamic level to ensure advocacy, she always carries this
philosophy: We can be anything and anywhere we want. We need to reframe adversities as our
tools to succeed, not as barriers that prevent us from knowing who we are and doing what we
need to do.