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March 1, 2020
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ID: photo of Peggy wearing white top with a brown sweater, smiling. Beige wall in the background. 

Bio :

Her name is Peggy Ann (Skeen) Scherling. She was born to a second generation Deaf family in Omaha, Nebraska. Peggy started pre-school at the age of 2-1/2 then attended Nebraska School for the Deaf till her graduation in 1975. She attended Omaha School of Commerce, then took the evening class at Metro Community College studying bookkeeping. She started working at Mutual of Omaha as a data entry, then as an auditor before she married her high school sweetheart, Roy and moved to a small town in De Witt, Nebraska where she’s currently residing. They produced third generation Deaf children, Jonathan, Joshua and Johanna. They also adopted a deaf dog, Jory.

She is involved with Lincoln Association of the Deaf, Nebraska Association of the Deaf as a part of fundraising committee, Heartland Deaf Advocacy Services as a fundraising chair and one of four committees with the Midwest Deaf Women. She works part-time at the Salvation Army and helps her husband at the farm. She loves essential oils and is a doTERRA consultant.

She enjoys many things such as gardening, cooking, canning, scrapbooking, doing yoga, reading, riding on a bicycle, traveling, but her greatest pastime is being with her family. She has had so many dreams growing up such as opening a bed and breakfast inn, buying an acreage for all Deaf and Senior Citizens dogs. At the moment she’s working on a book about her children, the school system since Nebraska School for the Deaf is no longer open. She hopes this book will help others have a better understanding of Deaf families and the school system for Deaf children.