• How can I get around in Tempe?

There is a light rail. The closest station to the hotel is just a block away. Mill Ave and 3rd Street Station. Here is more information on the light rail – https://www.downtowntempe.com/go/metro-light-rail

Another option is to Uber/Lyft

  • Is there a free parking at the hotel?


281 S Mill Ave View on Google Maps

Tempe, AZ 85281


$2/hr, $12 daily maximum

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

For Hotel Guests-parking is free.

  • My first time to DWU! What do I do?!

Don’t worry! We will have mentors and they will be able to guide you!

  • Exhibitors-I need to ship packages

Parcel Handling Fees: Separate fees apply for each direction of parcels (Inbound* & Outbound**). Parcels up to 150 Lbs.             Crates, Pallets, Display Cases

Envelopes/ Letters $5.00         Crates up to 149 Lbs.         $100.00

1–9 Lbs.         $7.00             Crates from 150 Lbs.         $150.00-$300.00

10 – 19 lbs.     $12.00         Display Box, Poster, Tubes     $30.00

20-39 Lbs.     $20.00         Display Case each             $50.00

40- 74 Lbs.     $40.00         Standard Pallet each         $175.00

75-99 Lbs.     $60.00         Labor Fees – $60/hour for setup, etc

100 + Lbs.     $75.00

Additional fees may apply for shipments or deliveries outside of normal business hours. *Each inbound fee includes receiving, securing and storage for up to 3 business days prior to arrival. Any packages that arrive before this time frame are subject to storage fees: $2.00 per day per package storage fee in addition to inbound fee.

**Each outbound fee includes labeling, taping, securing package(s) for pickup, and ensuring prompt pickup by the appropriate carrier

The UPS Store can ship small packages or freight. Current UPS rates are charged on top of any handling fees. Full service packing available as well. Pricing varies by item, size and value. The UPS Store and Tempe Mission Palms Hotel are not responsible for any abandoned materials and they are discarded three (3) business days from scheduled pickup date.

  • I see the DWU Community Meeting scheduled at the conference, Am I a DWU member?

Yes you are! The registration already includes DWU member. We encourage you to attend to the DWU Community Meeting. You can VOICE and VOTE! Even run for DWU Board!

  • What includes in my registration?

Registration includes:

  • Opening Ceremony

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

  • DWU membership for 2 years (2019-2021)

  • Other exciting festivities

  • Deaf Women History and Art Gallery

  • Closing Ceremony Gala Dinner

  • I see there is Gala on Saturday evening. What is the Dress Code?

Turquoise or Coral colors

  • What is the Conference Theme?

“Shine Your Own Light!”

  • What is there to do in Tempe near the hotel?

The hotel is on Mill Ave which is in downtown Tempe. There are many restaurants, bars and shops within walking distance. Here is more information about downtown Tempe. https://www.downtowntempe.com/

Art in Tempe – https://www.downtowntempe.com/explore/she-tempe  

  • Who do I contact for other questions?

Kim Minard, Conference Chair